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SM1003 is one of a kind Portable UVC Sterilizer which can kills upto 99.9% bacteria and viruses, thereby keeping the environment safe. It is light in size and can be carried in your pocket. SM1003 is certified by RoHS, FCC and CE, thereby assuring quality of the product. 

Key Features:

  • Upto 1-1.5 hours battery life
  • Multi function indicator
  • 99.9% sterilization
  • 8 seconds quick sterilizing
  • Beautiful and flexible design
  • Dual UVC ray
  • Eco friendly
  • 40 mins quick charge
  • Type C charging cable
  • Portable in size
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Clean wherever you need

Technical Specifications:

  • Deep UVC kills bacteria and viruses
  • 2 pieces of High power UVC LEDs 
  • Sterlization indicator - 1 Blue light
  • 300 mAh battery
  • Product size - 114*35*28 mm
  • Weight - 35g
  • Input voltage - 5V 2A
  • 265 to 270 nm UVC wavelength
  • Lamp Power -  0.54 Watt
  • RoHS,FCC, CE certified
  • Sterlization distance within 5 cm

Applications of the product:

  • Home sterilization: toothbrush, pillow, stationery, books etc.
  • Office sterilization: currency, laptop, mouse, keyboard, power bank etc.
  • Travel sterilization: wallet, handbags, mobile, cups, mask, eyewear etc
  • Mother and baby products sterilization: baby bottles, toys, children's  Bicycles, etc.

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