NAO EVO 33S is a premium UVC portable sterilizers availble in India. It is certified by RoHS, CE and FCC. It is based on UVC technology which has been reviewed by leading national and international news channels. It is highly efficient with powerful LEDs and long lasting BIS certified batteries which makes our product best in class and exclusive in nature.

Features Of NAO EVO 33S

  • Deep UV kills all bacteria and viruses
  • 99.9% sterilization in 33 seconds
  • Upto 2.5 hours battery life on full charge
  • LED Display with timer
  • Charging capacity display
  • Safety Lock for children
  • Compact and portable
  • Safe and non toxic
  • FCC, RoHS and CE certified

      Technical Specifications

      • 6 pieces of High power UVC LEDs 
      • 2600 mAh battery
      • 260 to 280 nm dual band sterilization
      • Product Size - 130*35*23 mm
      • Type C charging cable
      • Power - 3 Watt
      • Weight - 90g
      • Input voltage - 5VDC
      • Sterlization distance of 2-5 cm
      • Emitting Angle - 140 degrees

        Applications be to used for:

        • Home sterilization: toothbrush, cutting board, pillow, quilt, stationery, books etc.
        • Commuter sterilization: door handles, steering wheels, elevator keys, etc.
        • Office sterilization: currency, laptop, mouse, keyboard, power bank etc.
        • Travel sterilization: wallet, handbags, mobile, cups, mask, eyewear etc
        • Pet supplies sterilization: all kinds of pet supplies;
        • Mother and baby products sterilization: baby bottles, toys, children's  Bicycles, etc.

        How to use:

        First open the safety child lock, and then press the on/off button to start . Make sure the product has power before use .The best sterilization distance is 2-5CM

        Mode 1:

        Keep pressing, Press and hold to work continuously, the screen seconds start counting, release the button to stop working.

        Mode 2:

        Double-tap, Press it twice in succession, the screen will count down for 2 minutes it works normally within the countdown time, and it will stop working automatically after the countdown is reset to zero. Press once, when you press again during the countdown, the unit stops working. The screen timer display returns to zero, the screen slowly dims, and the screen stops working.




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        NAO EVO 33S

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