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This Smart Rays UVC Disinfection Lamp emit high quality and high-reliability deep ultraviolet (UV) light that destroy bacteria and virus's DNA which helps to sterilize the surroundings. It comes with a combination of UVC and Ozone technology and therefore can be used for purification for a wide range of applications such as sterilization, disinfection and air purification.You can use this product in your Living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, school, hospital, hotel, kindergarten,gym etc. and feel safe with this highly effective Smart Rays. 

Key Features:

  • 99.9% sterilization with a 360 degree range
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remote Control and Body and Motion Sensor
  • 3 gear timing function of  15/30/60 minutes
  • Effective area upto 40 square meters
  • 30 seconds delay start function

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage/ Frequency - 220 V / 50 HZ
  • Lamp Power - 38 W
  • Product Size - 460*210*110 mm
  • UVC Wave length - 254 nm and 185 nm
  • Quartz Glass double lamp tube
  • Net weight - 1 kg
  • Gross Weight - 1.1 kg
  • CE certified

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