About Us

Aura Impex is a leading importer of Sterilization and Disinfection products in India. With rapidly growing issue of COVID-19, Aura Impex is determined to provide high quality and certified UV Sterilizers products which are used by masses at home, office and other locations. Aura Impex has been the most preferred name when it comes to UV Sterilizers in India. Our products are certified from international labs such as CE, FCC and RoHS. Our products are highly affordable so that they can be used by masses.

Aura Impex’s vision is to provide high quality sterilization option to people at an affordable price. Aura Impex was built on the belief that general Home & Office sterilization should be safe and highly effective.

We at Aura Impex deal in various products which includes UVC Portable sterilizers, UVC Sterilization boxes, UVC Germicidal lamps, Vegetable & fruit Detoxifier etc. With our varied range of products you can sterilize effectively and be relaxed in your day to day life.